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Leadership and Change management Essay Example | Topics and Well Written Essays - 1750 words

Leadership and Change management - Essay Example An effective form of leadership can be recognized as one of the chief determinants for an organization to attain competitive position in the fiercely growing business market (Andriopoulos and Dawson 197-199). The report aims to demonstrate the fundamental concept of leadership and its major significance in organizational success or failure. With regard to proactively recognize the roles and importance of leadership, the discussion of this project report enables to understand the leadership styles and functions of Jeff Bezos, the founder and the Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of, Inc. 2. LITERATURE REVIEW With regard to the study of Collins (2002), certain crucial factors like increased level of internationalization along with globalization and prevalence of extreme business market competition denote the emerging need of performing effective leadership practices within an organization. These effectual leadership practices can encourage the employees to perform better than th e existing efforts perform by them. Moreover, the practices help in enhancing the empowerment skills of every organizational member and generating new ideas in the workplace, resulting in accomplishing predetermined business targets of the organizations (Collins, â€Å"The Effectiveness of Managerial Leadership Development Programs: A Meta-Analysis of Studies from 1982-2001†). ... k of the recent activities and (3) learning about the challenges of working responsibility that occurs during the development level of leadership in an organization. Relating to this significant concern, the above discussed methods clearly define the selection of appropriate individuals as leaders who possess the ability to endure the indistinctness, relativity of knowledge along with the possessiveness of determining and continuing to learn innovative methods of working tasks (McCauley, â€Å"Leader Development: A Review of Research†). 3. COMPANY HISTORY Amazon is regarded as one of the foremost and renowned online retailers, which deals in selling various sorts of products over the web (internet). The company was founded by Jeff Bezos in the year 1994 and started its e-commerce business in the year 1995. With the rapid pace of technological developments along with the fiercely growing online business market, the organization has been recognized to develop its brand position through developing quality products or services to the global clients through online. Currently, the organization tends to offer a huge collection of products or services that include books, electronic goods, computer parts and accessories along with clothing and furniture items to the global customers over the medium of internet (Krishnamurthy, â€Å"Amazon.Com - A Business History†). 4. HISTORY OF THE FOUNDER Jeffrey P. Bezos (Jeff Bezos) is viewed to be a highly renowned name in the global online retailing business industry. The leader became much popular for his exceptional leadership skills that eventually made Amazon to become one of the successful and giant online stores in the respective business industry. Relating to the earliest days of Bezos, the leader graduated from Princeton University

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Jews and Race in the United States Research Paper

Jews and Race in the United States - Research Paper Example This paper illustrates that according to the United States Supreme Court, the Jews are considered a race. This consideration was made for the purpose of establishing an anti-discrimination law, which was an important issue at that moment. They reasoned that when these laws were passed, people regularly spoke of the ‘‘Jewish race’’ in the same way as the ‘‘Negro race’’, hence the legislators main purpose was to protect this idea. However, many of the Jews were offended by the decision that was made by the legislators. The idea of Jews being considered as a race brought into mind the nightmarish vision of Germany, where the Jews were considered as a race, as well as an inferior race that was supposed to be rounded up in the ghettos and like a vermin, be exterminated. When the emotional part of this issue was put into consideration, the Jews were not considered as a race. On the other hand, race is a genetic distinction that refers to people who have shared the genetic traits and ancestry. Race is like a DNA and so it cannot be changed. In this case, an example to prove this fact is that, when an individual is an Asian, there is no way one can become a black no matter how much one wishes or desires. Jews own the Hollywood and the media in the USA. After an opinion, which took place on December 6, it was clearly shown that the Jews dominate Hollywood today in the USA. Their presence in the Hollywood happens to be a historical fact. Most for the producers and directors of the Hollywood are Jews, and that proves the fact that the Jews have taken over the Hollywood industry. In the USA, since Hollywood has the BIG MONEY as some refer to it as one has to be in favorable terms with the Jews since it is the Jews Agents that are in the theatre chains . One must liaise with them so that it becomes easy when you want to purchase a film story as well as signing stars into the contracts. In the year 1989, the Japanese Sony C orp decided not only to purchase the Columbia Pictures and the Tri-Star films, but also put the direction of the studios in charge of Jon Peters and Peter Guber, two young Jews that received the sum of half a billion plus an extra bonus. The production company owned by on Peters and Peter Guber was sold to Sony Corp for $200 million; In the case of Universal Pictures, it is 100 percent controlled by Jews. The chairman of MCA which is a parent company is called Lew Wassermann . The president of the same is Sidney Sheinberg and the film head is Thomas Pollack. They were behind the success of Do the Right Thing as well as The Last Temptation of Christ, both considered as anti-white and anti-Christian films respectively. On the other hand, Jew Barry Diller, who represents Married with Children, owns Fox TV . Rev. Donald Wildmon’s American Family Association has condemned the broadcasting for showing sexual, profane and un-Christian plots. Similar to the majority of Jews in media, the Jews in Hollywood lean towards secularity; their film productions are embedded neither in Judaism nor in Christian principles. However, there’s a misunderstanding regarding to the affirmation that the Jews control Hollywood. This is not the right phrase to use, but in essence, a lot of Jews work in Hollywood. According to Foxman, rather than use the term control, it would be wise to conclude that in Hollywood many directors and managers happen to be Jews; for instance all Paramount film studios are under the administration Jews. Moreover, Foxman stated that he is full of pride about their accomplishment. He believes that the Jews are represented in a