Friday, May 22, 2020

The Lost Dog By Emily Benoit - 1118 Words

The Lost Dog By. Emily Benoit From the time Lizzy was fourteen to sixteen, she felt like she was a messed up magnet. Every now and then things will get turned around and get messed up for her it all started when the family went on vacation. Lizzy come on! Mom exclaimed Lizzy came running down the stairs with her sweatshirt half on her little sister on the last step. Your breakfast is on the table, and Lizzy watch where you re going you could have knocked Ella off her feet. Yes mom Lizzy sat down and took a bite out of her bacon. What are you doing we don t have time, bring it out to the car. Lizzy slipped on her moccasins and dragged her and Ella s bag out to the car. As Lizzy was getting†¦show more content†¦Mom I need go I left the door open and Bell is gone. Lizzy said with fear I m going with you.Honey me and Lizzy need go home, I am calling an Uber I ll text you. Mom announced. When they got home, they went around the neighborhood and asked if they have seen a small chocolate lab pup. They also put out food, but they got no luck, they put up flyers and after a few weeks offered a money award thinking it will engage people to give the pup back if found.When Dad came home, he spread the word around work after a month the family thought she was dead and gave up. One day Lizzy came home from school and mom was home crying. What wrong mom?Lizzy asked Nothing Mom I m not five, what s wrong. I don t think it s time for you know yet, wait till your father is home. Did Grandma die? Lizzy asked with tears in her eye. No Ella and Jordan won t even understand, they don t even know how talk ,so it s just me, you are telling. Your dad and I broke up is that what you want know Elizabeth! Mom yelled with tears rolling down her face. What does this mean? It just happened I don t know what s going to happen, you three are probably going move and live with me because your Dad owns this house and you will get to see him every now and then. What made you break up? He was cheating on me with a fellow employee. I m sorry, Mom. It s not your fault can you go and give Jourdan some food?Show MoreRelatedSadie Hawkins Day and Valentine Grams18321 Words   |  74 Pagessome potentially contaminated pet foods to be recalled. Surprisingly, a number of dog treats contain peanut butter and some have been traced back to Peanut Corp. America, where the tainted products are processed reports MSNBC (Microsoft/National Broadcasting Company). On Feb. 9, two dog food products were recalled due to contamination in Plattsburgh, N.Y. â€Å"Happy Tails multi-flavored dog treats and Great Choice dog biscuits were recalled, and the search is on for others,† NewsChannel 5’s Erin Vannella

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